Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sculpting Afro-textured Hair by Mark Newman

This tutorial was originally posted by Mark Newman on the Clubhouse Sculptors Forum. Demonstrating his technique for sculpting afro-textured hair, in this example with Super Sculpey.

You can see more of Mark's masterful work here

All photos and words Mark Newman...

These are the basic tools I use for this. A few ball end tools different sizes and a tool I made out of steel wires bunched together and soldered into a piece of brass square tude. Basically it's a small steel wire brush.

I just smash on the hair form and push it around with the different size ball tools. 
Then I stipple in the tighter texture with the wire brush tool.
I go back and forth with the ball tools and wire brush tool depending on how tight I want the final hair texture. From Jerry Curl to Nappy and in between. 

I then lightly brush it down with Turpenoid and a soft brush to knock out the hard edges. 
I then lightly stipple the surface with a stippling brush.
Especially if I want the tight kinky look.
That's about it. You can make it as tight or as loose as you want.


  1. Hi Jamie, great idea. Thank you for sharing, Pat

  2. Hi Pat, my pleasure. I always really liked this tutorial. Mark makes it look so easy and the end result is very effective. The man's a sculptural genius!
    Take care,

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