Sculpey and Polymer Clays

Tutorials, Tips and more from Noadi
Introduction to Sculpting in Polymer Clay

Creature Maquette Tutorial by Peter Konig

Wrinkle Texture Tutorial by Peter Konig

Sculpting and Design Tutorials by Simon Lee aka Spiderzero

Tutorials by Dan Perez

Werewolf Sculpey Tutorial by Shawn Nagle

Sculpey Action Figure Process by Mike Leavitt

Sculpey 3D Illustration Process by Bethany Culp

Sculpey Demos by Bill Basso

Wolf Fenrir Ornament by Teresa Dietzinger

Historical Bust Step by Step 1/8 scale by Roy Hunt

1/16 scale Figure Step by Step by Garyjd

Ponytail Tut by Andrew WiernickiPart 1 Part 2 Part 3

Quick Face Tutorial by Walter O'Neal

Motti Maquette Sculpt Step by Step by Alena Wooten

Wall Decoration and Spiral Pillar with Skull Base Tuts by Brian Hirst

Demos by Heidi Maiers

Sculpting Tut: Tools by Autumn Sims

Maquette Tutorial by Tim Baker

Maquette Sculpting Tutorial by Goblin Queeen

Figure Tutorial by Hellpainter

How to Make a Figure by Matsumura Katsuya

Old Man Head Tutorial by Cyril Roquelaine

Sculpting Hands by Deb Wood

Sculpting Feet by Deb Wood

Working with Polymer Clay by Martin Canale

Sculpey Tutorials by END
Keylon Bust
BatBoy Figure
Making El Diablo

Makin Moola
Makin Destroyer

Basic Sculpting Tutorial by Rennard
Part 1 – Mixing Sculpey
Part 2 – Armature & Stand
Part 3 – Head Sculpting
Part 4 – Body Building
Part 5 – Body Details
Part 6 – Finishing Touches

Predator Head Tutorial by Diego Gonzalez
Part 1
Part 2

Shiflett Brothers Tutorials
Basic Arm
Angry Man
Fixing a Crack in Sculpey

Modelling a Face in Polymer Clay by Sarajane

How to Sculpt a Female Face in Polymer Clay by Amanda DeVirgilio