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DVDs by Adam Reeder of Studio

Beginning Figure Sculpting DVD
Watch Adam Reeder teach you step-by-step how to sculpt the human figure in clay. He uses techniques that aren't used anywhere else. Even if you have experience sculpting, there are many techniques that you will learn from this video to help your sculptures become much more realistic and natural looking.
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Sculpting the Head and Face DVD
Step-by-Step tutorial of how to sculpt the human head and face, from beginning to end. 
2-Disc Set.

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DVDs and Digital Downloads from The Gnomon Workshop

Sculpture Series by John Brown
The Character Armature

The Character Maquette

Sculpting the Detailed Character Head


Molding and Casting the Head

Molding and Casting the Maquette

Sculpting the Femme Fatale


Sculpting Comic Book Style

Sculpting Expression and Fantasy Characters

Wendy Froud
Creating a Faery Figure

Creating a Character Figure

Shiflett Brothers
Fantasy Sculpting


Josh Murray
Introduction to Wax Carving

DVDs from Mark Alfrey

Titles include:-
Sculpting the Human Head
Sculpting Movie Monsters
Sculpting with Water Clay
Sculpting the Nude Figure
Standard Molds and Casting

DVDs from Philippe Faraut

Vol 1: Children

Vol 2: Expressions and Facial Construction

Vol 3: Men


DVDs from Creager Studio Workshops
Vol 1: Sculpting the Head

Vol 2: Sculpting the Hands

Vol 3: Sculpting the Legs


Philippe Faraut
Book 1: Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy & Expression in Clay

Book 2: Mastering Portraiture: Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay

Bronze Casting Manual by Olivier Duhamel